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Are you ready to ramble?

In Sweden the going can get rough, so the tough keep going. We are a people known for our devotion to outdoor activities, come rain, snow or sun. Sweden offers a rugged natural environment that begs to be conquered. We have blood-boiling rapids, soothing streams and wakeboarding waves! With over 8,000 km of coastline and forests that cover 70% of our fair country’s total land area, we promise you excitement of a lifetime!

Here’s a real challenge: find a work of art, building or object created by the human hand that is comparable to the experiences provided free by the untouched natural world.
We Swedes have the increasingly exclusive privilege of living in a country where nature is still greater than humans where everyone has easy access to priceless luxuries such as
open space, fresh air, clean water, tranquillity and silence,as well as an abundance of natural beauty everywhere in thecountry.
We are also famous for our loving relationship with nature. However you don’t have to be Swedish to feel this love many foreign visitors become converts on their very first trip.
Many Europeans who visit Sweden for the first time are surprised to find, so close at hand, so much wilderness and splendour a natural wealth they might have expected in
Russia or Canada but not in a “small” country like Sweden.But even if Sweden is relatively small in terms of population,It’s large in area, almost as big as France but with only a seventh of that country’s inhabitants. Because Sweden stretches so far north to south, there are dramatic differences between different parts of the country from the majestic mountain world of Lapland in the north to the open plains and undulating hills of Skåne in the south. Also, its northerly location means that the entire countryside completely changes form and colour as it passes through the four distinct seasons.
Of course, most magnificent and dramatic of all is the north, the vast province of Lapland, a destination that attracts travellers from all over the world, year round, who come

to enjoy and marvel at exclusive natural wonders like the midnight sun, the northern lights, virtually endless panoramas, total silence, arctic cold and intense darkness. In north-western Lapland, in the mountains by the Norwegian border you’ll find Sarek National Park. Enormous, roadless, it’s often called Europe’s last remaining wilderness area, with 200 mountains over 1,800 metres high and some 100 glaciers. Sarek is not for
the inexperienced, but well-prepared, accomplished hikers can expect an encounter with nature that is without equal.
Lapland is also home to many large, first-class hotels and sports facilities, many of which are now just as popular in summer as in winter. At Riksgränsen and Björkliden in the far
north you can try exotic activities like skiing and snowboarding in shorts and a T-shirt by the midnight sun in late June. These and many other resorts offer a rich and highly varied selection of activities, from the most extreme to peaceful and meditative.
Hiking, climbing, bike riding, kayaking, fishing and whitewater rafting the possibilities are endless. The larger hotel complexes in Lapland feature excellent comfort and service,
good food, nightlife and entertainment and a wide range of activities for physical and spiritual well-being. Those who want simpler, cheaper accommodation can choose one of the Swedish Tourist Association’s basic yet comfortable and fully adequate youth hostels. Also, the Swedish mountains feature a good range of rental cabins of every possible size and standard.With a two-hour flight from Stockholm you can reach
several different places in the wilderness of Lapland.