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The Olivehult estate dates back to the 17:th century and is situated by lake Stråken not far from Motala town.
The nearest village is Borensberg, 8 km away.

Borensberg is known for its beautiful location by Göta Kanal, the Stockholm to Gothenburg canal route, and lake Boren.
In the village a number of shops, cafées and restaurants
can be found. After doing your shopping, why not find a seat by the canal and enjoy an icecream?
There are around ten families resident at Olivehult. The newly renovatd main house situated in the center of the estate, is surrounded by a beautiful park and has a unique garden
behind it, facing the lake.
Motala town is approximately 20 minutes away by car.
In the harbour by Göta-Kanal, you can pay a visit to the Motor-museum Hamnen, town center with shops and other facilities a stones throw away.
Swedens biggest beach-on-a-lake is just outside the towncenter.

Olivehult main house is now a listed building.The ground
floor is probably 17th century while the first floor was
added arround 1780. It was built in the Carolingian style.
The manor includes the main house, workers houses and cottages, a park and avenue, all preserved.
The last part of the 1800th century the farm was owned
by the national geographer Gustaf Fredrik Linnerhielm and
his wife Maria Emerentia. During the last two decades
of the 1800th century linens were produced on the farm
and some of this fabric and damasks from the 1690´s have been preserved, a unique treasure.
Near the main house there is a small man-made island in the lake, modelled on Rosseaus island in Ermenonville, France